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November 26, 2012


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Hiya guys! So I was thinking, the glen kingdom is a diverse faun community consisting of goat and sheep fauns. Why not give you guys a chance to come up with some of the residents of the kingdom.

EDIT: You can have two entries, doubling your chances at winning.

The people of the glen kingdom tend to be primarily based on sheep and goats, though they can pretty much span the entire sub family of Caprinae so they can be like antelope and what not. Please don't make them any other subfamily. It's pretty broad so you'll have a decent range of horns and characteristics for the animals.

Typically the fauns of the glen are mostly human in appearance. They have longer, almost animal like ears, the same pupils as a goat and clearly the bottom half of said herbivore. They don't all have to have horns, though most do. The fauns of the glen tend to be pacifists and for the most part are ovo-lacto vegetarians, though some are strict vegan. They've got the teeth of an herbivore, though they have upper teeth as well. Males tend to be a bit hairy.

Typically tanned due to spending time in the sun all day, the fauns can be pale especially if they're excessive partiers.
The fauns of the glen's culture is vaguely Greek, the heaviest influence would be satyrs though they do have self control and they aren't all sluts and partiers (Alcina's dad is neither and is pretty straight laced, though he does have multiple consorts.) and they usually grow out of those sorts of things by their mid to late twenties.

EDIT: Just a reminder that the glen kingdom is in a glen.
Meaning that it's a valley that's usually found in a wooded area, typically with water running through it. Alcina's glen is the typical style of glen, albeit larger.  There is a brook that runs through it and actually runs through the castle.
This was just a bit of extra info for you babies.

As for occupation they tend to be artisans-
Chefs, ect

Though there is a small agricultural community in this kingdom, since they do need food.
Your faun can be a member of the royal guard and they tend to have more wicked horns.

If you need more info, feel free to ask!

Prizes are as follows-

First place A drawing of your faun in my style, special title, and 300 points.

Second place A line art of your choice in either AT or my style and 100 points

Third place A sketch of your choice in either my style or AT style

Everyone gets a doodle of their fauns for entering in this toony style-

I will declare a winner on the 2nd of January. Good luck every one! I hope you enjoy making fauns as much as I do.

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[Oh my god :'D Can I make two? Pleeeeease? Just for the heck of it. I'm literally almost in tears. I love goats to death and I saw people making goats and I was like 'WHAT IS GOING ON HERE' but asghjdfhjggdwjh I love goats can I make two? ;w;]
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