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March 31, 2013
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She could hardly see through the sheen of tears, making it difficult to navigate the woods as she ran. She'd made a mistake. A huge whopping mistake, clearly she hadn't been thinking- A surprise visit. And boy howdy was it a surprise. Lupe had looked shocked, almost scared, to see her, something she'd never thought would happen. She should have realized when he brushed her off she should go, but no, the small brunette was bull headed and whined and complained and he shoved her away from him when she reached out to touch him which was unexceptionable-
but oooh, why hadn't she left?

She'd never seen him change before. It was frightening and violent, her shoulder still stinging from a swipe as she darted out the way she'd come. Her little heart pounded all but out of her chest.

Hands that were scraped and raw from falling as she went came up, wiping away the tears but simultaneously smearing dirt on her tear streaked cheeks. Her hair was half loose and who knew what happened to her other hair tie. Was she far enough into the forest? She hoped so, her little legs weren't going to hold out much longer, they were so sore. This was not the most athletic princess, heavens knew she never ran unless she had too.
Of course this is what she got. Everything everyone warned her about pinpointing to this exact moment and her chest ached terribly. Their clearing was just up ahead, she could see it now as the moon broke through the trees.

The princess flopped down onto the ground and buried her face in her hands, crying and trying to compose herself but failing.
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Oh how I love reading your drabbles~ :heart:
UnU Im not happy with the end tho. Im am muy disappointed.
Hush yo face! Tis a good ending. Leaves it open for anyone else to continue it, if they wanted U3U
I wish they would *weeps*
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