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December 11, 2012
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The hand on her forehead was cool. It was a nice repreive from the heat she'd been experiencing. They'd also had covered her back up with a blanket. That was less welcome than the cooling touch, but the princess didn't kick or try to throw off the blanket. Blearily, she looked up at the werewolf who smiled softly at her, a guesture she returned weakly.

Her head pounded and her body ache and, while she knew no one enjoied being sick, it was the one thing she detested more than anything. She nuzzled closer to him and the bed shifted. Lupe had laid down too, pulling her close toward him. Mm, yes. That was nice. The prince was like a heater, but she could ignore that for now, nuzzling her face into his chest.

Going in and out of dozing, she could feel something being "walked" along her. And then it booped her in the face. Opening her eyes, she jerked back a bit from the plush face in front of her. Oh gosh, it was just grumpy goat.

"I heard you felt baaaad," the boy made the goat speak, putting a gruff tone in his voice. "So I brought you this wolf."

"Gosh, don't talk like that," Alcina said, patting the werewolf on the chest.

"What's wroooong princess. You don't like your grumpy goat? Here if I give you kisses will that help?" Grinning, Lupe patted her face with the stuffed, rather angry looking toy.

"Noooooo," the ill girl said, voice breaking as she laughed hoarsely. "Stooop..."

The werewolf leaned in, kissing her on the forehead. "Alright, but you sound real cute when you get all squeaky like that."
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